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"The Beginning Journey Boots"
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The "Beginning Journey Boots" from Buckaroo Custom Boots, by Bruce Bowers are  custom, carved by hand  foot wear for you and you alone.

The "Beginning Journey Boots" are custom made, carved by hand boots. The flowing floral vine is a conjoined circular pattern and carved into the top leather. Alternating curves in the top collar are also continued in the fully carved, long, exposed finger pulls. A scalloped front and back for comfort make these boots a spectacular adornment for any wedding day bride or everyday cowgirl.

Each pair, although based on this style  will be a one of kind variation and will be different from any other pair in the entire universe. Only you will have a pair of these one of a kind treasures. All leather carving and stamping is the personal work of Bruce Bowers so each boot is a one of a kind collectable piece of art work.

Only the finest leathers and exotic skins are selected for The "Beginning Journey Boots".  As the signature style of "The Dove Blossom Bridal Wear Collection", your new foot wear will not only be a one of kind art work for your beautiful wedding day.  They will slide perfectly into everyday life as a comfortable and long lasting pair of everyday footwear.

Each pair of The "Beginning Journey Boots" will come with a matching shoulder bag and cowgirl wrist cuffs to complete your wedding day style. The boots and purse will continue with you throughout your honeymoon and your following days.

The "Beginning Journey Boots" start at $1,800.00. Custom fitting and exotic leathers can be priced for you upon request. (As shown, size 8 1/2,  with "Softie American Buffalo in 'rust' color $1,800.00.)

If you would like to discuss your boot interest with us please feel free to contact Bruce by e-mail, snail mail or telephone.

Choose from a style shown or work directly with the artist's at Buckaroo Custom Boots and Montana Dreamwear to design a completely unique pair of bridle boots. MORE PICTURES AND STYLES TO FOLLOW

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